Professional Head Shots with Morris Realty

InStlyeImagery recently had the pleasure of providing business head shots for the real estate agents of Morris Realty and Investments.  Thank you Lena and Theresa for trusting me to capture your team in the studio! Here are a few things we asked the leadership team about their company.

How long have you been in the real estate industry? Lena 17 years and Theresa since 1989. Morris Realty will be open 9 years this year.

What is your Mission Statement? Integrity Experience Results

How does your profession play a role in the community? All of our agents at Morris Realty pride themselves in community out reach. Being a supporter of our own hometown is crucial.

What advice has someone given you that impacted your business? Always give 100% and integrity is everything.

What benefit do you see in using professional photos? Professional photos are not even an option anymore. They are a must. People relate to photos and it makes everything more personal. We are in a relationship business so personal relationships are important.

When was time you were most proud of your team? We are proud of our Team often, but most often when we have clients who refer friends and Family. It is the highest compliment. 

Tell us about a favorite moment with a client that made an impression on you. Our favorite moments with out clients are at the closing table! That means we did our job and helped someone achieve their goal.

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